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Epoch Super Cassette Vision

The Epoch Cassette Vision (カセットビジョン Kasetto Bijon?) was a video game console made by Epoch and released in Japan on July 30, 1981.

The console used cartridges and it has the distinction of being the first successful programmable console video game system to be made in Japan. The system retailed for 13,500 yen, with games going for 4,000. It is believed, though not confirmed, that Sega and/or SNK made games for the Cassette Vision. Its graphics were less refined than the Atari 2600, and the only controls were four knobs (two to a player, one for horizontal movement, one for vertical) built into the console itself, along with two fire buttons to a player. Though the Cassette Vision was not a fantastic seller, it managed to spawn off a smaller, cheaper version called the Cassette Vision Jr. and a successor called the Super Cassette Vision. The latter was released in 1984, and was sold in Europe, with little success.

Except for their failed Game Pocket Computer handheld system, Epoch never had another system released.

Astro Wars: Invaders from Space Astro Wars 2: Battle in Galaxy BASIC
Boulder Dash Comic Circus Dragon Ball Dragon Dai
Dragon Slayer Elevator Fight Kung Fu Road
Lupin III Mappy Milky Princess
Miner 2049er Nebula Pole Position II
Pop Chips Professional Wrestling Punch Boy
Real Graphic Mahjongg Sansupyuta Shogi Nyuumon
Sky Kid Star Speeder Super Baseball
Super Golf Super Sansuu Puter Super Soccer
Ton Ton Ball Wheelie Racer Y2 Monster Land


Console Living Room

english 31
Date Archived
Dragon Ball Dragon Dai Hikyou 1986 Epoch JP en
Astro Wars Invaders from Space 1984 Epoch JP en
Dragon Slayer 1986 Epoch JP en
Boulder Dash 1985 Epoch JP en
Lupin III 1984 Epoch JP en
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Mappy 1986 Epoch JP en
Pole Position II 1985 Epoch JP en
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Kung Fu Road 1985
Astro Wars 2 Battle in Galaxy 1984 Epoch JP en
Miner 2049er 1985 Epoch JP en
Elevator Fight 1984 Epoch JP en
Milky Princess 1985 Epoch JP
Sky Kid 1986 Epoch JP en
Y2 Monster Land 1986 Epoch JP en
Professional Wrestling 1986 Epoch JP en
Punch Boy 1984 Epoch JP en
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Star Speeder
Comic Circus 1985 Epoch JP en
Nebula 1984 Epoch JP en
Super Soccer 1985 Epoch JP en
Mappy (1986)(Epoch)(JP)(en)
Wheelie Racer 1985 Epoch JP en
Super Golf 1984 Epoch JP en
Pop Chips 1985 Epoch JP en
BASIC Nyuumon 1985 Epoch JP en
Real Graphic Mahjongg 1984 Epoch JP en
Ton Ton Ball 1985 Epoch JP en
Sansupyuta 1985 Epoch JP en
Super Baseball 1984 Epoch JP en
Super Sansuu Puter 1985 Epoch JP en
Shogi Nyuumon 1985 Epoch JP